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Paypal module with per transaction taxes (for US type taxation)??? Or a mod...

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I have just been testing version and it has made a good stride in the direction of fixing US Tax issues – it now has the ability to change a setting on how tax is calculated :classical, inferior, and superior.

US should be superior. In the shopping cart, all is calculated correctly.


When the data is passed along to Paypal using the built-in version 1.6 plugin, the calculations go bad. Why? Because the Presta team has created the Paypal module to pass along products bought + cost and that is it. That may work for Europe and many other areas because their sales tax is based per item – in the US, it is based per transaction…

So in the US (more specifically in California) you cannot pass along $1.50 product x .975 tax, with tax each is 1.65 × 100 pieces = $165.This is what the Paypal API currently does (v1.6) and is INCORRECT and not valid in the US.

It would be great if the Paypal module could just pass along the $1.50 product with no tax attached to the product price. It would pass along $1.50 product x 100 pieces = $150 / after totaled, assess a 9.75 % sales tax in California = $164.63 total (these figures do not include shipping which is usually not taxed in the US).

Does anyone know of a solution to this ? Is there an alternative out there or a way to modify the current module to send the tax as a separate line item?
Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

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