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Optimizare Prestashop

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Caut developer/expert pentru optimizarea Bayo.ro, site prestashop ~2000 produse.


CCC Enabled, Smarty & Cache (FS) Enabled.
Toate modulele neesentiale dezactivate
Pagespeed nu raporteaza intarzieri majore, alta decat server response time.
Load Time 4918 ms - You'd better run your shop on a toaster
Querying Time 795ms 
Queries 65
Memory Peak Usage 16.7 Mb
Included Files 216 files - 4.40 Mb
PrestaShop Cache 0.95 Mb
Global vars 0.80 Mb
PrestaShop Version
PHP Version 7.0.5 (OK)
MySQL Version 10.0.25-MariaDB (OK)
Memory Limit 2048M
Max Execution Time 1500s
Smarty Cache enabled
Smarty Compilation auto
  Time Cumulated Time Memory Usage Memory Peak Usage
config 362 ms 362 ms 2.89 Mb 16.70 Mb
__construct 0 ms 362 ms - Mb 16.70 Mb
init 64 ms 426 ms 0.64 Mb 16.70 Mb
checkAccess 0 ms 426 ms - Mb 16.70 Mb
setMedia 2 ms 429 ms 0.01 Mb 16.70 Mb
postProcess 0 ms 429 ms - Mb 16.70 Mb
initHeader 0 ms 429 ms - Mb 16.70 Mb
initContent 3337 ms 3766 ms 3.22 Mb 16.70 Mb
initFooter 358 ms 4124 ms 0.21 Mb 16.70 Mb
display 794 ms 4918 ms 0.67 Mb 16.70 Mb


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Defer parsing of JavaScript
E (51)
JS HIGH What's this mean?

290.3KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.

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