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How to prevent detection from webalizer for prestashop

Gilbert Daniel

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Can you please specify exactly what you want to do ?


1) To ban Prestashop bots on your stats you can use even .htaccess, a paid back-office module for this (for PS back-office stats), or others resources (firewall, ip-tables, etc.) on your server (ask your provider).


Prestashop bots IP-block:, and yes Prestashop is using crawlers/bots for to collect data with unknown purposes.


2 ) If you don't want to use webalizer, so you surely can disable it on your cPanel (or whatelse you are using).

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We had tried to change the same in the past but it's completely impossible. As per the Wappalyzer JSON i.e. 
These are the following parameters on the basis of Wappalyzer detects the PrestaShop CMS.
"headers": {
	"Powered-By": "^Prestashop$"
"html": [
  "Powered by <a\\s+[^>]+>PrestaShop",
  "<!-- /Block [a-z ]+ module (?:HEADER|TOP)?\\s?-->",
  "<!-- /Module Block [a-z ]+ -->"
"icon": "PrestaShop.svg",
"implies": [
"js": {
  "freeProductTranslation": "\\;confidence:25",
  "priceDisplayMethod": "\\;confidence:25",
  "priceDisplayPrecision": "\\;confidence:25"
"meta": {
	"generator": "PrestaShop"
"website": "http://www.prestashop.com"


1. Header: Power By (Can be removed by making changes in the core files)
2. html: Power By can be removed. but in the PS default module, there is HTML comment like (<!-- /Module & <!-- /Block). Which is the very lengthy process & removed those HTML comments from PS modules.
3. icon: View Source page should not have PrestaShop.svg. It's possible.
4. Meta, Websites: These can also be removed from the page source 
5. js: More tricky part is removing the JS variables like freeProductTranslation, priceDisplayMethod, priceDisplayPrecision. You can find those variables on the view page source. You can search & replace those variable in the complete code (including the third party modules). So its very time consuming & risky process. You might break everything. 
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Sorry for bumping the old thread but I actually understand what the OP want. He only want to avoid any technologies detect that he is using Prestashop framework. What he asking for is similar to a plugin called hide-my-wp for wordpress (and that plugin is considered as a security plugin, yes hiding your platform from public is considered one of the security approaches .. so he is asking a security question which he did not specify more)


 but I don't think this plugin exist for Prestashop as Prestashop code is harder to understand compared to wordpress. Hopefully there is one available.

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