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How Do I get Rid of Free Shipping in shopping cart


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This is a known bug since version 1.5. Free shipping keep displaying in my shopping cart even though I have disabled it, set Handling charges to 0, set Free Shipping Starts at $1,000,000. I even follow some tutorial and change the codes in the blockcart.tpl, ajax-cart.js and shopping-cart.tpl. Nothing seems to work. I am sure a lot of people have the same problem like me. I am using Prestashop latest 1.6 version. Please help! I was hoping developers would fix this bug but to no avail. Thank you.

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Thanks so much!! That was easy. You don't know how much time I spent on trying to solve this problem. I did not find the shopping cart but I changed it in the blockcart and it worked. 

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Hi all, 

Same problem here and not sure what you mean with: 
1. "edited the translations for front office" → Edit what? (don't see anything related to shipping there)
2. Installed modules: shopping cart (was installed already by default,no?) and block cart now added 
but what settings should help? 

Still got now one carrier only to choose from but once a customer keeps adding a products 
still "Free shipping!" shown! Why? Any help?

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follow up to "Free Shipping" visible in cart. Not sure if it helps with all your settings in case anyone still got this problem, but I solved it currently with:
Shipping > Preferences 
Handling Charges 0 
Free Shipping start at 10'000 $ (any high figure which your goods most likely not will reach/per one purchase) 
Free Shipping starts at 10'000 kg ( " ) 

post-1247976-0-51142300-1464534869_thumb.pngsee attached post-1247976-0-51142300-1464534869_thumb.png

Problem for now solved  B)

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