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I'm having multiple errors


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If I try to change anything in the store I receive an error


After changing the product description I try to save, and I get


An error occurred while updating an object. product ()


I try to dis able or delete a currency I get

An error occurred while updating the status.

An error occurred during deletion.


This has started when I had a great idea to use the Ebay add-on, I tried synchronising presta and ebay, and there were some stupid requirements, like shipping had to be in my local currency. I was surprised to see that for some reason it added GBP and PLN to my store and also a translation in to Polish... well I tried disabling the currency and additional language but go error messages. I finally uninstalled the ebay addon, but no change. I use firefox and chrome, but same on both.


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Twój użytkownik w bazie danych nie posiada pełnych uprawnień, stąd masz te problemy. Musisz zalogować się do panelu PMA i zmienić ustawienia dla tego użytkownika nadając mu pełne uprawnienia.



Your user database does not have full permissions, so you have these problems. You must log in to PMA panel and change the settings for that user giving him full permissions.

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