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Module to send order emails based on customer country

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Is there a way or module to send additional order emails based on customer's country of delivery?


In example: a customer is buying a product and wants it delivered in France, we and our distributor in France both receive a copy of the order email.


It could only just be one email, but include a CC based on the delivery country.


Thank you in advance.

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Look after a dropshipping module.


Thank you for your reply. I looked at some dropshipping modules and it is not exactly what I'm looking for.


Dropshipping means that I am selling products made/sent from different manufacturers/suppliers. This is not our case. We are the manufacturer/supplier of the products and we have established distributors in different countries that buy from us wholesale and sell locally in physical stores. There is only one .com main website and all I wanted was an automated way to inform them that a customer in their country placed an order, so that they process it.


Up until now this was done manually, I forwarded any overseas orders to the appropriate distributor and he fulfilled the order. All i need, if possible, is a way for prestashop to send a copy of the order to 8-9 different email addresses if the order is from the country specified. this would save us a tremendous amount of time in processing an overseas order.


Thank you again for any help.




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You could hire someone to develop a module that exactly fit your needs from the Job Offers section.


Or maybe you could use this module in a way that could suit you. In your store add yourself as a supplier and add your email addresses, then add the email addresses for the carriers you have in different zones. Or don't send an email to supplier at all by setting the email trigger for a order status that you will create and will never use (in case the module doesn't have already an option to disable suppliers email).


Disclaimer: I haven't used the module above, this is just a suggestion of what I would try in this situation.

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