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Blocklayered not filtering


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Hi all,


After upgrade the module Blocklayered, "Sort by" function didn't work properly. I found the solution in the following post: https://www.prestash...ort-by-problem/




To fix the problem go to blocklayered.js

and in theme:


and change this line (461):

data += '&orderby='+splitData[0]+'&orderway='+splitData[1];




data += '&orderby='+splitData[0]+'&orderway='+splitData[1]+'&asd=';


That problem was solve, but now It changes the function for Blocklayered filters. If I select some features, It doesnt filter the products, but shows all of the category.


Filters stay select at the right block, also hide the ones which are not similar. But It doesnt filter the complete list!


I've tried to reinstall the module, even restart "blocklayered.js" originals files. Also I tried to clean cache, force compilation...


Hope you can help me


1. Version Prestashop:
2. Template: pf_megashop
3. Url: http://www.crambovisuales.es/tienda/


Many thanks!

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