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Translation doesn't work


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Hi Mac Roy,


I made a copy from the default bootstrap translating from my server


This file i copied to /themes/transformers/lang

After i do this, the translating of the front office is completed now. 1010 expressions was translated, 79 expression i translate by myself.

Now i try to translate the modules of the website, when i do this there are 3774 missing expressions. This is to much to translate by myself.

there is an easy way to implement this ?

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Hi Appie40!


You can choose to import a pre-translated languages in your case the Netherlands or do you say (Holland)?


Anyway go to translations and download your language from PrestaShop, all that you have installed will not come to be translated because you may have installed you`re own modules.




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I am trying install the pack translation but not work, i see the error in my log PHP Warning:  copy(/home/infocome/public_html/themes/default-bootstrap-bootstrap/lang/br.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/infocome/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminTranslationsController.php on line 615, , someone can help me with one solution,  thanks

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