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I can't add a new domain

motley crue


Let me start by apologizing if this is in the wrong place. Now my question. For the past few days I've been trying to add a new domain an ssl. The name is not registered by anyone else, and I know it's available. I go through the whole process and then i get to the checkout through be2bill.com. I tried using my debit card, but it didn't work so I thought maybe there was a problem with my card. My bank told be it had been inactive for too long and that's why it wasn't working. So i went out and bought a gift card. I had the same problem when i tried to check out as i had before. I looked closer at the card and it said i could only use it in the U.S. and if I'm not mistaken be2bill is based in France. So i bought another card that could be used anywhere but i still get the same problem. So i called prestashops tech support. It was about 9pm and there was nobody available to take the call. Figuring it was late and everybody had gone home i said I'd try calling again today at a reasonable time. Well today (Friday) i called at noon and still got no answer, just a machine asking me to leave a message. So i have no idea why i can't purchase the domain, and i can't get a hold of anyone to try and help. If anybody out there can help out i would greatly appreciate it.

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