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Shopping Cart: Oops, something went wrong Error Prestashop


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Dear prestashop experts,


I got a big problem with my prestashop webshop, I will describe the bug below. If you could help us that would be highly appreciated


What happens when we get the bug:

  • We can’t open product pages anymore it will show the following error: “Oops, something went wrong”
  • We can’t open the shopping cart page anymore (shows the same error)
  • All prices in the webshop are showing excluding VAT


How does the bug get “activated”:

We are not 100% sure but we know this,

  • When a customer has products in his shopping cart and leaves the webshop and then a couple of hours/days goes to our webshop again the bug occurs.
  • The bug doesn’t occur every time, it seems pretty random


What fixes the bug:

  • We found that deleting the shopping carts of customers deletes the bug




I set define('_PS_MODE_DEV_',  to true and it is showing the following error:




Fatal error: Call to undefined method PrestaShopException::getExtendedMessage() in /public_html/override/classes/exception/PrestaShopException.php on line 38


And in the backoffice it shows this error:




Fatal error: Call to undefined method PrestaShopDatabaseException::getExtendedMessage() in /public_html/override/classes/exception/PrestaShopException.php on line 38


Additional information:

  • Prestashop
  • This problem has something to do with the shopping cart. Because it only happens when you have a product in the shopping cart (not all shopping carts. This is also really random. It now happens on 1 of the 4 installed browsers on my computer. And the next time it happens on another browser.)



Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance!!!

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