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I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this post.


I wanted to learn prestashop, in order to make my own theme, so I installed it on a localhost (which means I can only provide screenshots If needed, but not a live version) and tried to make my own theme by copying some code from the bootstrap theme since I haven't found any code-wiki (like "codex" of wp) and it's really complicated, even though smarty seems really easy to learn, if you're familiar with PHP, which I am, so I tried to google some terms like "Create prestashop theme from scratch" and haven't found anything helpful. all I found is the documentation in this site, which only says the "must-files" of every theme.


After I did some changes with the code in order to match my own theme, I ran into some problem while installing ("Bad Configuration File") few times so I tried through "Add New Theme" from Preferences > Themes to "Create A New Theme" which created empty folder that I copied my HTML files in order to make them .tpl files.

so I made them tpl files, (currently only index, header and footer) and the browser shows only blank page.


This is really frustrating me, since I really tried to make something cool and different, and wanted to learn it, but there is no guide online which can teach you step by step or any codex like wordpress and when I searched the forum and found something from 2010 and all the replies to that thread said they're all did the same as me - copied the bootstrap in order to make their own themes.


So, what do you think I can do?

I heard very good things about prestashop, but it seems very difficult to understand how to use & code. at first it seems very easy, but then you get into the documentation and get a really headache. can somebody help please? I really need help and tips and everything that you think that might help.


Every reply will be really appreciated. again - sorry if this is the wrong place, if it's really not the place - please move it to where it belongs. p.s. - If my english is poor, please forgive me too. I know my english not really good... it's not my mother tongue, don't hesitate to tell me and help me improve it.

Thank you very much! ^_^

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