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Want to adapt site to create a reward site

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Hi all


I am new to Prestashop. It looks to almost fit my needs, but I would like to change a few things. This is where I could use your help.


I am looking to adapt the site so that users can earn points by completing offers/surveys etc, and then use those points to purchase the items listed in the store.


I see that there are reward/loyalty modules out there, but they dont quite fit what I need. I don't want members to earn loyalty points after a purchase, I need them to earn points as mentioned earlier, and instead of paying via means like PayPal, Visa etc, I would like the option to "Pay With Points"  Would anyone out there be able to help?

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First and most important thing: What is your budged for the project?


I am not sure if I understand what you want:

1) You want a survey module which for answering questions would give loyalty points?

2) You want a payment module which would let pay with the earned points like any other payment method?


As far as I know such modules does not exist and this is not a small task to make (at least a week).

But you could try to play with vouchers maybe you will find a way to work your idea.

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