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Problem winth secondary language fronend translations.

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I have problem with front end translations.
Default language is czech, secondary language is english.
In english works translation of modules but frontend translations are still displayed in czech.


(see for example add to cart buuton)
(see for example number of products)

If I set english as default language, translations work. 

Anyone had same issue or can point me to solution?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem.


I have my web in spanish and after I install the English language.

All the trasnlations from de DB work fine but the translations for the Front Office don´t work, prestashop show the text for the default language that it is spanish.

I´ve tried to clear the cache, change the permissions for the files, change the defaut language, but nothing work for me.


Has anyone found a solution?

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I find a solution that works for me.


In the file "./config/smartyfront.config.inc.php" I change in the function "smartyTranslate":



function smartyTranslate($params, &$smarty)

    // global $_LANG;

    $iso_code = Context::getContext()->language->iso_code;
    include _PS_THEME_DIR_.'/lang/'.$iso_code.'.php';


because in my case Prestashop doesn´t take the correct values for $_LANG

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