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how to create a grid or a table in a tab in admin side in prestashop


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How to show a grid / table in a tab section that will be displayed in in the admin section of prestashop 1.6.x



I want to show a grid or editable table in my tab in the admin section I managed to do the module and three tabs are been displayed .In one of the tab i want to show a editable grid i.e in the CHECKS tab4IPC6.png

As shown in the below image,in the chek tab section i want to show a grid

In the constructor of my admin controller of my module () ie in addhealthcheckconfig\controllers\admin\HealthCheckConfigController.php I am setting the field options to populate the tab ,below is my code:

$this->fields_options = array(

'appearance' => array(

'title' => $this->l('Manage your Health Check '),

'icon' => 'icon-html5',

'tabs' => array(

'TAB1' => $this->l('SUPPORT_GROUPS'),

'TAB2' => $this->l('CHECKS'),

'TAB3' => $this->l('REPORT RECIPIENTS'),


'fields' => array(

'SUPPORT_GROUPS' => array(

'title' => $this->l('SUPPORT GROUPS'),

'hint' => $this->l('Manage your Support Groups here'),

'type' => 'fields_list',

'name' => 'PS_LOGO',

'tab' => 'TAB1'


'CHECKS' => array(

'title' => $this->l('LIST OF AVAILABLE CHECKS '),

'hint' => $this->l('List of Available checks will be displayed here !!'),

'type' => 'text',

'list' => $this->fields_list = array(

'code' => array(

'title' => $this->l('code'),

'align' => 'text-center',

'remove_onclick' => true,

'search' => false,


'description' => array(

'title' => $this->l('description'),

'align' => 'text-center',

'remove_onclick' => true,

'search' => false,


'category' => array(

'title' => $this->l('category'),

'align' => 'text-center',

'remove_onclick' => true,

'search' => false,




'tab' => 'TAB2'



'title' => $this->l('REPORT RECIPIENTS '),

'hint' => $this->l('List of Available checks will be displayed here !!'),

'tab' => 'TAB3'



) ));

In the TAB2 Section i am not sure what i need to put in the 'type' section , I tried with list , but yet I can not achieve what I am trying to do , also i am not sure how to assign the $this->fields_list to that type correctly

How to achieve this editable db grid in my tab ?

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