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Extra email for invoices

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Is there a way to send the invoice to a different email then the clients "login" mailadress.


i.e. I have big clients. They have their own login account ([email protected]). But invoices have to go to the main Finance department ([email protected]).


No I have no option then to do that mannualy.


Maybe an option to add an emailadress to the Address. And then use that one to send the invoices to.


Ideas or solutions are welcome


Thanks in advance.

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I have som B2B customers. They want our shop to send an invoice directly to their finance department.
When we create customers, they add a customer email. But our B2B customers want to be able to add an invoice mail.

that an extra field is added, which is then called invoice mail.


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I understand you man.

I'd like to help.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation for changes since Prestashop 1.7 and no one wants to look for changes anymore.

When I make a module for your version of Prestashop, it will work. You change the version and it won't work. For developers, Prestashop is more than just a boon.

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Hi Knacky

Your option could well be the one it is looking for.

For me, this opportunity is especially for B2B customers. B2B customers want an invoice to be sent, both to the person ordering the order and to the accounting department.

And Prestashop will then send invoice mail to both email addresses if both fields are filled out.

When private customers order, they just need to fill out the email box.

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This is information that should be communicated at the outset and not until something is done.

Then the module must be rewritten and the functions changed.

When registering, there is no distinction between a B2B customer and a regular customer.

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There are two options in the order status settings.

1. Allow a customer to download and view PDF versions of his / her invoices.

2. Attach invoice PDF to email

And now it depends on when to send the invoice to the extra email.

Only in point 2.?

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I run version

It look perfect, and will solve the problem.

Do I understand it right, that if the field "invoice email" is filled out, then an email with invoice is automatically sent to this address.


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Does anyone know or is this module compatible with themes other than Classic?
For example, I use the Transformer theme.

I emailed Knacky yesterday, but he hasn't responded yet.
Does anyone know the exact name of the module and where to find it or same module online?

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