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How too change order number in php auto_increment


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Hi all,


I hope that you can help me.

I've already done this in my other two presta shops, but i can't figure this out.


I want to change the start number "order id" to a higher number than "1".


I am in phpmyadmin-orders-operations-auto_increment and i have tried too change that number and saved many times, but i keeps changing back to number 1. 


What am i doing wrong?


I use vs.





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Yes you are but in screen I see you are in table view, you supposed to be in datebase view after that click to sql. In this view it still will work but this is not necessery to find table what we need to edit, sql statement do that for us. One more thing before you did any change in datebase please make copy just for safty.

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Maybe my answer is not precision because I am none english user. I mean in your screen you go to table ps_orders and after that you click sql, you didnt need to do that after login to PMA and choose your database you can just click sql button this is much quicker.

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