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Anyone know of a simple way/module to organise products and suppliers please?

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Hi all


Im finding it laborious adding and removing products from my online store. At the moment I only have 90 products from 3 suppliers so want to put something in place now as within a month I will have 500 products and 10 or so suppliers


Would "Manage Advanced Stock" do the trick?

I find Prestoolssuite too complicated! :(


All I need to do is be able to view a list of all products by supplier

So I can more easily see who is supplying what product to me


At the moment I create an excel spread sheet, add all the information into it about a product and then add it into Prestashop. So yes I get a desktop "list" of all my products but Im doing everything twice


Im also on a Mac


Many thanks all!



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How I personally managed:


I added to the Prestashop back-office "non shop categories". This means there are categories only for administration. I named this categories by  suppliers name. This categories are divided by manufacturer and one special for to import of new products. All products are added also to this administration category (by supplier and by manufacturer). When I have to import new products, than I import all them with the option non-active to the supplier -> new products. From this category I than activate my products singly one by one by adding the remaining things needed, which are not available for to import (specific price for ex.). From this category I than add the others (shop and supplier admin cat) and activate the product for to be seen in the shop.

The advantage on this system is, that I can manage each category by mass import (new prices, supplier don't supply anymore manufacturer xy, etc.)



Sample: my products in fact are added to all these categories:





new products



shop category

index (for homefeatured module)


BTW, also for a better management I'm not using the back-office of Prestashop for to manage my catalogue and orders. I use the Presta Store Manager, which allows easier and more flexible management for already existing catalogue. I also got crazy by a catalogue of 10.000 products and price change, i.e. discontinued products.

Give a try to this tool. It is free for 30 days. Perhaps it will help you. For me it was 1 to 2 hour/day time saving. This tool is also included on modules list of your back-office on latest Prestashop versions.

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On a customers environment (also Mac) I'm running PSM on virtual box. Virtual box contains free Windows versions you can install. Select one and install it with. After than you install the PSM. I hope you know how to manage virtual box ? If not there are several good tutorials on the net.

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Im not sure Im looking for a lot of features?


I have 90 products that will eventually be around 300-500 products

Currently 3 suppliers and eventually around 9


I just need a simple way of adding new & removing old products

And to be able to sort products in say suppliers so I can see easily who supplies me what


Thats it really, Im happy to add in images manually as well as any tags etc.


The database method (cvs?) looks complicated matching fields and then making sure what i upload and remove is correct etc!


Im happy to do any work/sorting within PrestaShop it doesnt need to be an "external" package

Is there a module I can add to PrestaShop that will let me sort and manage my products more easily?


I was actually wondering if "Manage Advanced Stock" would do the trick?

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Hi all. Many thanks for all the help and advice


In the end I found someone to add "custom fields" to the back end and show these custom fields in the products list

So I can pretty much search for anything and find it quickly and easily


Fantastic forum and many thanks for all the sound and great advise!

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