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Google Sitemap module not working with SSL enabled


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PS and Google sitemap 3.2.0 module


After SSl enabled the module no more working correctly, when try to generate or update the sitemap I get "internal server error".


Into my server error log:

mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 45 seconds
Premature end of script headers: gsitemap-cron.php
Any idea on how I can let this works also with https?
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I'm having same problem (currently I'm on vers., but strange, If I upload an old version of Google sitemap it works just fine. At this moment I'm using version of Google sitemap 2.3.2. If anybody wants to try I attached it to this post.

link to my google xml file: http://www.trgovina-figura.si/1_si_0_sitemap.xml

I hope it will solve this problem


best regards



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as far as I can remember (currently I have an updated version of the module), i changed the internal urls on both the parent xml (1_index_sitemap.xml) and the two child xml (1_it_0_sitemap.xml, 1_en_0_sitemap.xml). I have a site with english and italian language so, I need to change three files.


I manually changed the internal URLs (find and replace with notepad++) that I found from http to https and then i scheduled a cron task with https url.


Pay attention: even if curl command can be used with my hosting provider, only wget command works with https.


Hope that I helped.


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Yes, simply point google to the HTTPS url instead of HTTP. Indeed the sitemap shows the wrong procotol (one more place where it does not work correctly), but if you let google now about your protocol, everything should be fine.



It is only an issue in terms of what sitemap shows as location.

If I open the sitemap itself, it points to HTTPS. This means, the content of the file is ok, only the location shown in backoffice does not show the protocol assigned.

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