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I have prestashop
When a customer places an order everything works fine, status updates to payment accepted and everything is as it should be.

When I ship the item and try to manually update the status to shipped. It doesn't change. The screen refreshes and it's still on payment accepted.


If I enter a query in the database, like this:

UPDATE `psrd_order_history`
SET `id_order_state` = 4
WHERE `id_order` = 1
OR `id_order` = 2
OR `id_order` = 3
OR `id_order` = 4
OR `id_order` = 5;

then it will update the status to shipped for all of the id_order numbers given.

When I browse to my orders page they are all still showing payment accepted but if I click on the order its showing shipped.

Obviously its not practical to run a query for every order as I'm ready to ship them, is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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Thankyou, updating the database is the only way I can change my order status at the moment.


I will check the file you mention, am I looking for anything specific in there? I've tried replacing the file with one from a fresh install but I can't solve the issue.

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