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Problem with taxes

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Good morning, sorry for my english. I have a problem with taxes: the CSV file That I load automatically, has an ID 1 for tax rules. Days ago I made a big error, I had Deleted by Prestashop ID 1 for tax rules and when I insert a new one, it starts from a high numbering , like ID125, and I can't reinsert number 1. I can't set taxes on my products, They are too many and I can't insert taxes 1 to 1.

Can someone help me ? Thanks




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Hi Tuk,


 thanks for your reply, can you help me more please?

I'm not able to find this "table ps_tax_rules_group" in phpMyAdmin, I have looked everywhere.

So, I can log in my database but where can I set this new value? If you can, please write me step by step  :unsure:

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So were are the step by step instructions to fix this issue?

go to your database ps_tax_rules_group then change your id_tax_rules_group value. You can't create a tax rule group with lower ID than already existed in the Back Office. 

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