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How I can edit globall.css

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The best would be to send the site link
to see what's wrong,
Compared to your request

By cons must change this in your CSS


body {
   background:#FFFFFF url(../img/fond.png) fixed center center;
   background-color: white;
   font-size: 11px;
   font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
   color: #601060;

Then it also has a background image to create
is simply the visual attribute

here is the file it directly in the "\img" directory of your theme



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is simple
Use the picture I've attached above (img.png) and modify it with a drawing program, depending on your needs

By cons, your request is not in the correct section
we must go in the "Développement" or "Integration" because then you're in the various subjects

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