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International Address Validator Issues


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I bought the add on 'International Address Validator' fourteen days ago but my developer couldn't install it. Since then I've raised the issue with Presta shop add ons (twelve days ago) and chased this up on three separate occasions but I have still not received any reply to my query. I'm new to Presta Shop but this doesn't seem like the kind of customer service that I'd expect or have experienced from other software market places. Can anyone help?


Specifically my developer explained that,' .. I installed your module through the admin area on a presta shop , and I configured by entering the values that you describe in your documentation. Nothing happened.

I re-installed it through the ftp and I configured it again. Nothing happened.
I reset it. Nothing happened.
I checked the selectors on my theme. All of them are correct. I played with the settings. Nothing happened.
I edited the address.tpl, the validate.php class, the AuthController in various combinations. Nothing happened.
I created a brand new install with the default settings and the default theme. It doesn't work either.'


Many thanks.



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