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Category Cover Image Are Not Replaceable No Matter What!


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Hi people.


I wanted to change default category images for some categories and so i simply uploaded the image(988x262 px).I clicked the save button and saw that the updated image shows on the BO of my store.All good till now.When i refresh the page on the FO the updated image wont show NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!.I tried every thing on the forum


1) the category default image position seems okay and ticked for categories

2)cleared the bloody cache 10000000000000000000 times. :angry:

3)cleared the browsing cache 10000000000000000000 times :angry:

4)tried deleting it maually from the img/c folder but to no avail

5)tried REMOVING the image and uploading ANOTHER image in its place but the old iimage(default theme image) comes back!!!!! :blink:  :wacko:  :unsure:  :huh:

From where did it come back I DELETED the image from the server :blink:

No cache problem because i manually deleted the cache.


Please help all you developer bros of prestashop out there.



Waiting for someones reply :)


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Thank you riras for replying


Yes i did.


After playing around abit and creating a totally new category as a test i see that the image is visible in the front end.but HOWEVER(and this is the frustraing part) I cant edit images for an existing catgory even on the newly created category


Prestashop wants me to keep on creating new categories but i cant update the existing one :P

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