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Creating A Dynamic Discount Filter

Yogesh Raghav

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Note: This is regarding Block  layered Navigation module in prestashop 1.6.3


  well i want to include a custom filter "discount" into layered navigation block that should take value dynamically from uploaded value from CSV.(CSV IMPORT PRO -module)

I want to display it in "%" and "amount" format.
It would be same like as "Price range" feature where we need to move slider in order to get price variant from min to max.


only thing is i need this feature in check box or radio button features so that a particular discounted product will be visible when we check the box.


i also don't wont this feature to be manually added through "Product feature" or "combinations".


also i need this feature on product category page.(Left Column)

please help me as the matter is very urgent for me and my company and also for my job. if iam unable to resolve this issue i can lose my job.  :(

my company website is: http://www.shelltag.com


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