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SEO Image Rename to Custom Keyword


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Hi Guys

Is there a module where it can rename all my images from 10-19.jpg to for example THIS_IS_MY_KEYWORD.jpg THIS_IS_MY_Keyword-10-19.jpg ?

And i can enter THIS_IS_MY_Keyword in the Product Image Tab for example as i made a hack to change the Image Names according to a name set from my database(I edited the database) but the problem is execution time . I have thousands of images and after some 4 minutes the website just goes blank.

It was working with 20 Images ... but now that i have a lot it just times out...

I tried increasing time out from pgp.ini and even from AdminImages.php . But to no Avail...

Any ideas of a module which can do the image renaming for me ? ( Not the Product Name in the Image Name but something custom)...


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