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Csv Import: Features Are Imported For Any Lang (It Ignores The Import Language)


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this is a big mess!


At the moment you can't import features for a specific language...


it does duplicates despite of the language selected on the AdminImport


so, if you want to import for other languages it does a mess into the products pages


it does a mix of features from ALL THE LANGUAGES  :D


so now I'm forced to show just english data sheets to customers with the risk of duplicates on Google...



I need features for ONE language at a time only...




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I have the same issue. i cannot Import 2 languages. after importing the 2nd one and choosing force ID, the products in the 2nd language will be generated extra. It is not possible to add only the language to the existing (1st imported) products. This is the reason, why I cannot go online with my shop :-(

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