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Hello everyone,
i'm developing a module wich should use a copy of admin/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/helpers/view/view.tpl (i need to make some modification to this file and i dont' want to override because it should be used just by mymodule).... I've tryed a lot of different paths but it seemes i ca't find an exact soluiton (last i tryed is mymodule/views/templates/admin/mymodule/helpers/view/view.tpl)
I also need a copy of admin/themes/default/template/helpers/list/list_footer.tpl 

-Does anyone knows where i should put this files?

-Should i put an index.php file in every directory i make?


-Should i change this when copying the tpl files?

{extends file="helpers/view/view.tpl"}

{block name="override_tpl"}

-Looking around for solution somethimes i've seen some directories names with underscores.. Do they matters or just depends on PS version?(using PS1.6)

Sorry for eventual typos or mistakes.


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