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Prestashop Fresh Install Profiling Very Slow


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Hello i have a VPS for testing purposes to test the new php 7 and mysql 5.7 version

I successfully installed prestashop but if i enable profiling to check the detailed view of each queries and modules I see that initContent is very slow. This does not happen with profiling disabled.
Any suggestions how to debug and find the problem?

Complete report in zip archive


Load Time 11499 ms - You'd better run your shop on a toaster Querying Time 35 ms Queries 122 Memory Peak Usage 6.3 Mb Included Files 218 files - 4.02 Mb PrestaShop Cache - Mb Global vars 0.58 Mb
PrestaShop Version PHP Version 7.0.3 (OK) MySQL Version 5.7.11 (OK) Memory Limit 512M Max Execution Time 30s Smarty Cache enabled Smarty Compilation never recompile
  Time Cumulated Time Memory Usage Memory Peak Usage config 10 ms 10 ms 2.12 Mb 2.21 Mb __construct 0 ms 10 ms - Mb 2.21 Mb init 14 ms 25 ms 1.45 Mb 3.59 Mb checkAccess 0 ms 25 ms - Mb 3.59 Mb setMedia 1 ms 25 ms 0.01 Mb 3.60 Mb postProcess 0 ms 25 ms - Mb 3.60 Mb initHeader 0 ms 25 ms - Mb 3.60 Mb initContent 9594 ms 9620 ms 2.13 Mb 5.74 Mb initFooter 803 ms 10423 ms 0.18 Mb 5.91 Mb display 1076 ms 11499 ms 0.27 Mb 6.27 Mb


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Thank you for your quick response! Yes i thought about it but because i have seen many posts and some of them had good times for initContent i thought i could have too.

Anyway if the case is the resource hungry profiling then this is solved

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