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Custom prices per user account

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Hello all,
Is it possible to have different prices per user account? For example for a specific user to have a custom price, but I want to set the price and not make a reduction for a group.

For example:
user1: product1 300$
user1: product2 200$

user2: product1 450$
user2: product2 200$

Adding a new category in mySQL for ps_product can do this? How do I tell witch user can use the new data base? Or any suggestions is appreciated

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Yes it's posible ... but You will have a lot of job to do it, as same as number of user account created in your Prestashop.
And this will be creating a huge script because you have to make modification inside your Prestashop core file

Unless you just wanna do that for just 2 or 10 user account Only

So why you wanna do that ? :)

I think you just have to creating/use a group per specific user account, better than modifying core file or creating a new module.
Group is writing&save;in your Prestashop database not within Your Prestashop file (script), and make reduction with calculation formula

Or you can use Voucher ...

Keeping Your file in minimum size is a good way for your website

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Hey gonebdg,
Thanks for the replay, you got me thinking on some other solutions and this is the best I come up with: :-)

1. What if a create a new entry in the data base in "ps_product" another one like "wholesale_price" let's say "special_price". Now this will have my custom prices which I will add from the back-office of the shop in a custom text field.

2. Next I'll create a new group let's say "special_group" which will have "id_group = 2" in "ps_group" data base.

How do I write the if function to tell the shop that if customer is in id_group = 2 then get the prices from "special_price"? :cheese:

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