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I'm trying to override blocklayered.php to add my own hook into center column. I did this sucesfully but there is this code in other hooks in blocklayered.php which cause that these hooks doesn't work in my theme (because my theme has no left or right column, it has center column only):

if ((isset($this->context->controller->display_column_left) && !$this->context->controller->display_column_left)
            && (isset($this->context->controller->display_column_right) && !$this->context->controller->display_column_right))
            return false;

any idea how to eliminate only this part of code in override so it's not valid for these other hooks (hookProductListAssign, hookHeader etc.) Btw, I can't just copy all code in these hooks and remove this problematic part only, because private methods are used in these hooks.

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I don't think there is another way, apart from the one you mentioned. Change the core methods to protected and extend them.

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