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Multishop And Ebay Module Does Not Synchronize


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I have created a multi-store and try to integrate the ebay module to no avail.


The base store ebaystore.eu has been set to German localization (€,De)

This is the base store because all things listed have been initially bought in €.


The second store ebaystore.eu/uk-store has been set to UK localisation (£,En)

This is the store that will sell on ebay.co.uk so I have settled default language as English and default currency as GBP for this shop.


Now, I am trying to use the ebay module with no results but with the following problems:


  • Firstly in spite that I have settled categories in tab Settings>2.Categories and Pricing, when I look in tab Settings>3.Store Categories I don't get an ebay dropdown categories list (like its blank) like that the products do not have a mapped category. But as I said I have settled that this category is to be associated with this ebay-category from tab Settings>2.Categories and Pricing


  • In any case I move to tab Synchronizing and am trying to synchronize and get the error result

Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

Item.ProductListingDetails (what does this even mean? is there a detailed documentation explaining what are these error messages that I have not found out??)



I have re-created the same problem 5-6 times with fresh installations and from prestashop localhost installations experimenting on how and when the ebay module will be activated in multistore but with no results.


I am mentally exhausted and close to give up and make a crude solution with two separate prestashop installations (but this cancels the whole idea of having a multistore with shared products and quantities) or try my luck and try to find the solution at magento


If anybody can help I will trully appreciate it.

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