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"delivery Time:"in Front Office Is 7-10 Days, But The Date Of Carriers 1-2


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I start with the shop new, that means with input of products manually.


has 2 carrier with delivery time: 1-2 days


1. product: working well: "Lieferzeit: 1-2 Werktage"


2. product: I did input all data similar, the same carrier, but the front end is wrong: Lieferzeit: "7-10 Werktage"


I was looking for a mistake 2 days, can't find.


You can look into the shop, www.antivirus-shop.de


It is PrestaCloud. I don't have any modul for EU Legal or so on.


Who has an idea, what I can try more, what is wrong?


Best regards



Today I see, it is not a bug. It is a modul with german name, what I did not find for 2 days :-) sorry.

("Europäische Rechtssicherheit")

I didn't search these German words.

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