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Paypal Pro (Integral Evolution) Missing Order Id.

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the people Im working for want Pay pal pro switched on!


Were using this module: https://github.com/PrestaShop/paypal


On the payment submit page, the return URL is generated:





in turn this redirects me to the url:




however the order ID is 0, so  the rest of the process fails


Where is the order ID generated?




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Oh, I think Ive worked it out!


Paypal posts to a notify url!




I'm testing this on a localhost url! so ipn.php does not get called, so the order does not get validated and the order ID is never created!



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Hola. Tengo instalado el módulo de pago por Paypal, configurado correctamente, creo, y mis clientes no pueden hacer su compra. He perdido 3 compras desde que detecté el error por ese motivo.

Se trata de 

Es muy urgente necesito que me llamen para darme soporte técnico.

Les adjunto pantallazo de un intento de compra hecho por un amigo para ver si eramos capaces de saber qué pasaba.

Mi nivel es usuario, de ahí mi desesperación.


El error que me aparece en uno de los pedidos que no finalizó en compra es:

{"Error":"Arrayn(n [operation] => authorizationn [status] => nokn [date] => 2016-02-12n [time] => 19:06:16 UTC+0000n [origAmount] => 48.94n [origCurrency] => EURn [idForMerchant] => Arrayn (n )nn [emailClient] => claudioarieljair@hotmail.comn [idClient] => 6446785n [merchantDatas] => Arrayn (n [_aKey_cart_id] => 19n [_aKey_customer_id] => 6n [_aKey_secure_key] => 8ce816637420d1f08901e0b7a04e3c48n [_aKey_token] => 08c8d22a20d2a402a6959c5867fb8569n )nn [cardCountry] => ESn [ipCountry] => ESn [transid] => 56BE2D16772F8112n [is3ds] => Yesn [paymentMethod] => MASTERCARDn [customerCountry] => ESn [returnCode] => Arrayn (n )nn [returnDescriptionShort] => Arrayn (n )nn [returnDescriptionLong] => Arrayn (n )nn)n"}

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