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Miguel Bambo

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I think it is a BUG.
I would like to add my own options inside CONDITION variable as illustrated in the image attached but I dont know where I can change core files.

I have added 'fair' and 'great' condition options without success.

{if !$product->is_virtual && $product->condition}
            <p id="product_condition">
                <label>{l s='Condition:'} </label>
                {if $product->condition == 'new'}
                    <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="http://schema.org/NewCondition"/>
                    <span class="editable">{l s='New'}</span>
                {elseif $product->condition == 'used'}
                    <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="http://schema.org/UsedCondition"/>
                    <span class="editable">{l s='Used'}</span>
                {elseif $product->condition == 'refurbished'}
                    <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="http://schema.org/RefurbishedCondition"/>
                    <span class="editable">{l s='Refurbished'}</span>
                {elseif $product->condition == 'fair'}
                    <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="http://schema.org/FairCondition"/>
                    <span class="editable">{l s='Fair'}</span>
                {elseif $product->condition == 'great'}
                    <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="http://schema.org/GreatCondition"/>
                    <span class="editable">{l s='Great'}</span>


I dont know if I missed something while coding.


Your solution is welcome.





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