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Ordering By Categories And Families

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I'd like to have 2 different types of ordering for my products. 

I want to be able to sort them by categories, which is standard.

But I also want to group them by families, depending on the activity of the customer. 

Let's say the customer works in the fashion industry, then he would click on the fashion group, and see all the products of this family.

Let's say the customer workds in the advertising industry, same thing. 

So I would be able to say that a given product belongs to a given category, but also a given family.

Do you see what i mean?

Is it possible? If yes, how ?

Thanks for your help.



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You woud need to add the family as a category and assign all products of that family to this category.

Now if you want those categories only visible to those groups assign only to that group during category creation.


Did I understnd what you wanted.

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I can think of 2 approaches if I understand your scenario correctly.


1. Use categories and subcategories. The parent category will represent the family (Eg. Fashion), the children categories will be assigned to products. When the user enters the parent category, PrestaShop lists all the products from all subcategories.


2. Put products into one level categories and for family association use product tags.

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  • 7 months later...

Thanks for your answers but I'm not sure if I understood...


about the tags, I tried it but it seems that tags are associated to products. In my case I would need to assoiate them with categories...

For example, if I create a tag fashion, it must display all the categories containing the fashion tag. But I think it's not possible with tags.


About categories and sub-categories, I also tried but it's not working as I need.


on the home page, I need to see all the categories that I have under the root. 

Until here, it's ok.


But when I try to add the other categories like for example fashion, the category that was under the root becomes a category under fashion, and it's not displayed anymore on the homepage. so it's working in a case, but not in the other...


I think I will have to create some pages. What do you think ?

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