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Editing Carrier Gives New Id To Carrier


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There is an annoying problem when you edit a carrier. If you change something in the settings of a carrier and you save it the carrier gets a new ID.
This is a problem because customers of ours use a module where you set some custom settings for a carrier based on carrier ID.


A carrier id must not change when you EDIT ther carrier. This is really strange and very undesirable behaviour. Tested it with prestashop 1.6.0.X and 1.6.1.X. All the same.


Anyone have a solution?


With kind regards

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I think that, just like addresses, PS keeps legacy carrier configurations in order to ensure consistency of orders that took place in the past. On the other hand, there is a column id_reference in table ps_carrier which hopefully never changes for a given carrier (and at least allows to track the carrier changes).


So I would say that the solution is to adapt the module you're talking about (replacing id_carrier with id_reference)


Best regards


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I also had similar problem, then I used reference_id in place of carrier_id. So now even when changing the carrier options it displays my carriers at check out and all works well.


But now my problem is that, the speed slows down after I change the delay of any carrier.

I think changing carrier options should not affect the speed.

Is it some thing that should be taken care of, and is left by my side or unknown to me.

Please guide me through this.


Thank You

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