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Compose Install [1.7] Fail In Hook


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When I run composer install to set-up my environment, in the post-install-cmd
Always fail complaining about the connection with the DB
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file
Nothing to install or update
Generating autoload files
> Incenteev\ParameterHandler\ScriptHandler::buildParameters
Updating the "app/config/parameters.yml" file
> PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Cldr\Composer\Hook::init
Init CLDR data download...
Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] 

The database and the shop, it is working but that process Hook::init p which check some locale env variables fail.


I think it is related to the set-up with the setting.inc.php





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