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Save And Stay Button Not Working


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im using version and on my back-office, "save and stay" button does not work. For example, in Localizations - Translations - Modify translations, if i add new translation and press "save and stay", then my new translation changes back to to previous translation. Its basically the same in all back-office panels, "Save" button works as it is supposed, but its friend on the left, "save and stay" does not save.


Its not big problem, just annoying littlebit so i was wondering if anyone knows some kind of easy fix for this?


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The problem is that trying to save .js before loading.


Check override files and installed modules that attack a hook in modules > position:


- actionAdminControllerSetMedia

- displayBackOfficeHeader

- actionProductUpdate

- actionProductAdd

- actionCategoryUpdate

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@FuenRob you can be clearer ?, i have the same problem




I'm sorry to answer so late.
The solution is to add <input type = "hidden" name = "submitAddproductAndStay" value = "1"> in /themes/default/template/controllers/products/informations.tpl
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