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[Solved]Merchant Copy Of Invoice By Mail[Solved]

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I solve the problem.


I do this modify:

1.   I create new template file in /mails/en/merchantXX.html and merchantXX.txt

2.   I modify the file classes/orders/OrderHistory.php at line 442:


Mail::Send((int)$order->id_lang, $result['template'], $topic, $data, $result['email'], $result['firstname'].' '.$result['lastname'],null, null, $file_attachement, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, (int)$order->id_shop);




I add this code:



                if ( $file_attachement != null ) {
                    $dataXXYY = array(
                                '{lastname}' => 'Name',
                                '{firstname}' => 'Surname',
                                '{id_order}' => (int)$this->id_order,
                                '{order_name}' => $order->getUniqReference()

                    //var_dump (_PS_MAIL_DIR_);

                    Mail::Send((int)$order->id_lang, 'merchantXX', $topic, $dataXXYY, '[email protected]' , 'Name'.' '.'Surname',null, null, $file_attachement, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, (int)$order->id_shop);





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