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[Free Modules] Bulkproductinfo & Bulkproductattributeinfo

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This two modules allow you to update your products and product attributes info from an Excel-like editor.

The following properties are supporte:

  • Product:

    • Name
    • Reference
    • UPC
    • EAN13
    • Unity
    • Minimal quantity
    • Width
    • Height
    • Depth
    • Weight
    • Wholesale price
    • Price
    • Unit price ratio
    • Available for order
    • Show price
    • Active
    • Indexed
    • Uses advanced stock management
    • Visibility
  • Product attribute:

    • Reference
    • UPC
    • EAN13
    • Minimal quantity
    • Wholesale price
    • Price
    • Unit price impact
    • Ecotax
    • Weight
    • Is default
    • Available date

High performance

The module only updates the products that you edited, so you don't have to worry about slow performance, even if you have hundreds of products in your store. In case of errors, it displays what went wrong.


There's also an "informal" github repo.


UPDATE 23/02/2016:

  - add array_column() polyfill


UPDATE 29/02/2016:

  - add a bunch of new options to bulkproductinfo module

  - boost update performance via 'afterChange' hook in javascript in both modules




bulkproductinfo 1.0.1.zip


bulkproductattributeinfo 1.0.1.zip

Edited by SimoneS93 (see edit history)
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_column() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/demo/modules/bulkproductinfo/bulkproductinfo.php on line 75
[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/zzzzzzz/public_html/demo/modules/bulkproductinfo/bulkproductinfo.php:
Call to undefined function array_column()

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Hello SimoneS93, great modules, very usefull, your work is much appreciated. 


I might have something strange to report, that the attribute module, does not show the products, it just appears empty ( i have Php 5.5.9 - on my server ).

As for the other module is ok, it loads, and does the job correctly.


I was wondering if you could do some other things in the module:

- In the attribute module, it would be nice to only load products from some category, and to be able to edit or add product features.

- In the product module would be great if the price was also displayed like a column.


Thank you


P.S. I have another website with tons of products ( about 70 k ), and after I save a product ( with the bulk product edit module, it just loads and the crashes ).

Edited by fpopiku (see edit history)

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 - Crash with 70k products: I think I'll introduce pagination

 - Add product price as a column: sure!

 - Only load products from a category: I'm thinking of introducing some kind of filters

 - Product attribute module is empty: maybe I wrote a wrong query. It worked for my shop, I should probably test it with a fresh install and see what happens.


I'll work on this as soon as I have some spare time.

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