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I got one issue which is need to ask who were expert person to help me solve this problem. 


I got this error issue during using the Product Combination Generator which is I have a lot of item on Product Attributes need to insert to a product. 


During process (a long time pending proses / buffer / hang / stuck around more than 3-5 minutes), the error come out after sometimes. And after enable the server log error, I found the error stated:-


<<< Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/photolen/public_html/shop/controllers/front/ProductController.php on line 545 >>>


I've spend a lot of time made some research to find the solution but the result very disappointed. Could someone please show me how I can solve this issue. Hope you can understand my explanation better.



**please refer to the attachment given if you need some more view



Thank a lot!












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I believe that memory management in those cases is not very efficient. You might reach a peak of 512M memory usage or more.


Do you also get the error if you increase the php value memory_limit to 512M in your php.ini?





Yes, I already increase the memory limit but the problem still exist. And one more things, during the process Google Chrome will stop responding and might be this is the causes why..

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