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A Good Module To Create A Marketplace With Prestashop And Another One For The Invoices

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i'm trying to build a marketplace to transform normal user into vendors. I don't want them to create their shops in my shops (if it's possible, but it could be fine too if nothing better comes out), i just want to give them the possibility to sell their products in my shop. When they sell, there will be a small commission, a small tax, that will go on the shop's paypal account. So:


1) Can you suggest me the best addon/module to create a marketplace with prestashop? A module that transforms the normal user in a seller too?

2) Is there a module about the commissions invoices? Since i need that as a fiscal document, i'd need a module that in the end of the month (if it's possibile) generates the invoices for the users who sold on my shop. The invoice is sent to the users as a reminder of what they "paid me", with the small commissions, while for me it's necessary to give to my accountant.



Who can help me please? :)




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There would be lot of Marketplace Modules available for Prestashop. You could check this Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module


1. In this module admin can setup commission based on product and category
2. when admin make payment for seller commission, admin can enter transaction id and change the payment status to paid
3. In seller panel, seller can view the paid commission status and transaction id



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