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Ssl Enable - Fo Logout


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I enable the ssl in prestashop, is running easy.

But some users, after login, use some times (1 hour, half hour), and the user lost the login.

I check the cookies, and the time setting in cookie, in user navigator is correct (480hours to expire) .

Before https, i dont have this problem.

Any can help or know a cause.

I am using

Ecommerce: www.usinainfo.com.br



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Same problem here... Administrator gets logged out after about 15 minutes.


On top of this, ironically, if users logout and try log in as a different user, the original user automatically gets logged back in.


SSL? Friendly URLs? Cookie expiries? Caching?


I've tried just about everything except hard coding the backend. (All caching is turned off)

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Sort of. We couldn't fix it, but since it was only a problem on my client's computer because she was the only one using multiple accounts, I managed to get her to change the way she was using the site.


She was using Chrome, so we moved her over to Firefox for the sole purpose of using her site. Use sae browsing mode so no cookies, history or cache is kept. There's even a setting specifically for Firefox to keep/delete login cookies. She quits Firefox between logins.


This way, her browser ensures fresh, unique logins without confusing baggage, rather than relying on Prestashop to function properly.


Not ideal, but it does seem to be working as a solution.

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No, the problem is in the site because we also occassionally experience it, but a solution was in the browser.


We can't expect every client to go through these hurdles for a smooth, reliable experience. 


I'm certainly not thrilled at all. I'm out of the pot into the fire on this job. I'm moving away from WooCommerce because WordPress is rapidly becoming a security risk through popularity and requires a lot of maintenance with 3rd party plugins & updates, but now Prestashop just seems to have core problems that can't get fixed (Judging by the forum discussions, login problems seem to have plagued Prestashop for years through 3 different versions... and yet it's still not properly fixed? Very concerning)

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Guest locen

thanks for you explanation.

another question..I must install ssl certificate if i have paypal? people does not pay on my website but they are redirected to paypal

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It's good practice to have an SSL certificate. If nothing else, it will create confidence in the shopper that your site is legitimate. It shows your attitude towards security and privacy.


It's more important if you're on a shared hosting account. (type https instead of http on your own site and see what you get – I often get someone else's site presented to me because it just loads the first SSL protected domain on that hosting server. MAJOR issue for me.)


I suspect we are going to start seeing Google penalising non-ssl sites in its rankings and some browsers might even start blocking the sites. I already have experienced problem sites viewed in Chrome – Chrome gives you a security warning if the site has issued its own ssl certificate as a "spam warning". I issued myself a certificate through my cPanel and was presented with warnings from Chrome every time I viewed the site. I bought a RapidSSL certificate for about $20 issued by a third party and I am now fine. (seems you can't self-endorse your own domain)


I'm seeing more and more hosting packages that include a free SSL certificate in the specs. To save you the effort/knowledge, I'd advise just buying one of those hosting packages and make it all of this your hosting company's responsibility.

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