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Here is a module allowing fairly easily recover your data via SQL queries.

The module contains a few default SQL queries, you can edit them, delete them, add without limits.


SQL queries can use ps_ (prefix by default in tables, example ps_cart), or _DB_PREFIX_ (recommended, if you want to reuse SQL queries on other shops, _DB_PREFIX_cart will give ps_cart for example), or even _PREFIX_ (if you want to make shorter, _PREFIX_cart give ps_cart for example).


Here's the rendering of SQL tables:





For each query you can save a description in order to better see you there, actions are possible: see, save, delete, see the result in serialized form (see lower image), see the CSV with Excel file.



Results you can have different forms:







V 1.1.0 : 



 Tested with prestashop 1.5 and 1.6.


And finally the zip:

v.1.0.0: First version, with a few queries SQL from https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/155423-astuce-generer-automatiquement-vos-fichiers-csv-via-requete-sql/page-6?do=findComment&comment=2236793 and one that I've added allowing to have complete data on orders over the last 3 months



V.1.0.1: v.1.0.1.bigdata.zip

  • added Spanish translation (by masqueunaweb.com),
  • added a new query allowing to have the list of stocks of products and variations,
  • I changed _PREFIX_ in queries by _DB_PREFIX_ to avoid confusion, but you can still use _PREFIX_
V.1.1.0 : v.1.1.0.bigdata.zip
  • apparently serialize can sometimes have bug, to avoid any problem I add base64_encode, so to retrieve the serialized data should add base64_decode.
  • the result table has new features: sorting (by clicking the column headings), search, pagination (if you have many results)
V 1.1.1 : v.1.1.1.bigdata.zip
  • Fixed bug that prevented to register several new requests to the suite (this required to refresh the page)
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