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Wishlist / Bugs In Ebay Modul Collection


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Hey guys,


I try it just once. Some have mentioned on many occasions, the 202-commerce is not responding to requests.


However, there are users who are have a better contact. So no one ever has to individually send something, it might be better if we collect a few things here.


In addition, we can exchange experiences with regard to the function.


If that work, I would always extend this post.








Bugs (1.2.1):






In addition still, the eBay always changes what.


For example, soon comes the point at which a mandatory EAN must be set in several categories.

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What do you think:

Basic conditions can not be synchronized.

> wish


Revocation is not stored properly.

If I get out of it-rechts-kanzlei a pattern, it is formatted:


I copy it into the module and memory, then the formatting is broken.


> bug


Preview does not work. So if you click on "Preview" in the templates.

See images:





> bug



Some items should be without shipping coasts and some with.

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