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Blocklayered No Longer Filtering Attributes Nor Product Features, Except A Few Color Attributes!


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Who can find the solution to this problem?
I'm using Prestashop-Cloud and BlockLayered 2.1.3 module.
I'm using the default Prestashop-Cloud theme.
Here is the situation:
The Layered Navigation Block 2.1.3 module is no longer filtering the attributes nor the product features, except for a few color attributes! Why? 
Plus, a few hours ago I have been able to make it work on a "single level" category, but now only some color attributes are filtering properly, no matter the category applied to. 
It also looks like that the BlockLayered filter action does get done and appears on the screen for an instant. But, immediately gets removed to show no products at all (messages: There are no products in this category. and There are no products.
It does so with Chrome as well as with FireFox.
[Moreover, when I click Preview Post (below the text form where to write this message) a similar behavior happens! I see the preview of this message during a second (or less) and the web page then come back to the message redaction form! Maybe this is unrelated, maybe it is related.]
How to resolve this issue?
Moreover, is there a methodology to always have a properly working layered navigation filter? 
Best Regards,
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