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Lovely site and thank you for sharing. It works well for me and speed is good.


Like the colours, only things I found was that the images on the Index Page, above "Featured" do not have links, maybe a good idea to have some, also, something people always seem to miss, is the contact form, Why would anyone contact a "Web master"


Anyway, like the site and wish you all the success in the world.



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When I hover on the blockcart, the "No products" text is white, and it's background is light gray, making it barely visible.

For me also the breadcrumbs colors don't go well with the rest of the site, it looks like someone overlooked it when styling the theme.

I need to go very deep to reach the product and add it to cart.

I would consider switching to One Page Checkout so the customer can see all the options before filling his info.

I would enlarge and align the logo a bit, the subtitle readability is a bit poor.

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Thanks for the feedback Daresh


Without sounding like a touchy designer i thought id reply to a few bits...


1. The logo I'm not worried about having that much readability on the sub title i guess you could argue why its there but for me it's fine adds something else to it rather than it just being a font.


2. I don’t think OPC works in prestashop all options are explained to the customer before they add to basket anyway, and having split tested both checkout options 5 step performs greater for the older generation as they prefer to see a clear progression than be overwhelmed with all options on the page.


3. The breadcrumbs fit in with the styling from the home page I guess you could argue the alignment is off if you compare it to the navigation but to the rest of the site the positioning is just fine. Although if you have a better option to locate it id be happy to hear it.


4. Not sure what you mean by too deep to get to the products. If you clicked Vegetable Seeds your presented with all sub categories and then the product. To be its perfect navigation and presentation of content and options to reach the product. I don’t think you could present it as all the products again without confusing the customer. The navigation is structure is no different to any other site beside if you know what your looking for you got the search function or the drop down on the menu so I don't agree with this point.


Lastly nice catch on the white on the drop down missed that however the basket does have EMPTY in white so not sure why a customer would hover over it and expect something to be added when the top level state is clearly visible.


Thanks for the feedback

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In general the shop is well made, so all the points are only my opinion, for me the #999 breadcrumb color doesn't go well with the background, I would go into some shade of a brown to improve readability.


When I want to add a product to the cart I need to click and click and click. I must go as deep as the product details page, not possible to add from the category list.


Noticed some more stuff:


https://www.growseed.co.uk/19-broad-bean-seeds when switched to "LIST" the site is a mess. Also the List / Grid switch on the category page, where there are no products may be confusing (as well as the sort, nothing to sort there).

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Must be a css bug on list view thanks for that will investigate.


As for the add to cart on the category page I don't think its needed the level in which people travel to a product is no different than any other store, I've never seen an advantage to having the add to cart on a category page I guess its different if your a massive store (execption to Amazon there as they dont do it either) but 99% of the time customers will enter the product page to make a purchase for the reasurance factor. So click click click in my opnion is irrelivant.


As for the grey having tested it, its never been reported a visual issue / readability but thanks again for your feedback.

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