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Prices Not Accurate In Combinations


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my online shop runs on Prestashop


I am creating product with different combinations, each of which has a different price. The problem is that the rounding is not working fine.


Concrete example:


product base price 6.00 (with taxes) and 5.555556 (without taxes) => 8% (but I think it stores 5.56)


For a specific combination I add 1.50 (1.388889), but basically prestashop stores a rounded 1.39.


Instead of having 7.50 (6.00 + 1.50), I have 7.51 (5.56 + 1.39=6.95 + 8% => 7.506 => 7.51)


Why on the database are prices not stored with 6 decimals? Actually, I get 5.560000 instead of 5.555556... Why this loss of accuracy?

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