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Specific Prices Have No Influence On Unit Prices


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I searched a lot but was quite surprised to find no info on this.

In Prestashop 1.6.1, the specifc prices do not have any influence on the unit prices which makes the whole specific price mechanism useless for unit price based items.


We have products with unit prices (e.g. bell peppers), combinations (yellow, green, red) AND specific prices for differnet customer groups (end customer, wholesellers)

We want end customer to have prices

yellow: $20/kg, red $25/kg and green $30/kg

We want whole sellers to have prices

yellow: $15/kg, red $20/kg and green $25/kg


Now for the product price, this works fine when using combinations for the attributes (yellow, red, green) with fixed amount price increases for each combination (+$5). And we can set specific different fixed prices for our wholesale customer group (not ideal but it works)

So far so good.

Problem is, that we cannot set any alteration on the unit price for each customer group. The unit price will always stay the same as defined in the main price tab in product edit page in admin area, no matter what customer group views it.


That basically means it is impossible to create different price rules for products with unit prices in prestashop which I would consider a bug.



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Any ideas? Otherwise I will post a bug.


I have similar problem with PS




product A with four combination: 1, 2, 3, 4

default combination: 1

each of the other combinations has a + or - price impact on the default one

everithing is working till here, if i change combination the price it change correctly.


Problem arise if i set a specific price of product A for all combinations

ex.: 15% reduction


the total price in product page it shows only the default discounted (specific) price without any change if i select a different combination, only in the cart it shows correctly.


So the specific price it makes unusable all my combinations cause the costumer never see the correct price of the choosen combination in product page, only the default specific price ...


that's so bad user experience, and i can't use specific price reduction on this scenario


Hope someone can help

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@ariom, your issue is different than btsfreak1 one.

... sorry for the wrong topic, you're right, mine was a different issue than btsfreak1.


anyway you point me to the right solution, now everything is working as it should be!


Thanks for your contribute ....

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