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Bug Total Products In The Cart


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i found a bug on cart section.

Suppose that I would to do an offer that if you buy "10 pens" I give you "11 pens" adding an extra product in the cart. This is possible with cart rule adding a gift.

Then, I created a cart rule and I put my "10 pens" in the cart, correctly the cart is updated with "11 pens". post-839067-0-15823500-1454428650_thumb.png

What is the error?

I want more pens, so clicking on plus button, i select 14 pens. With the gift I suppose that my cart contein "15 pens". post-839067-0-52242600-1454428655_thumb.png

No, my products total is 14. Why? Because the product I bought and gift in table ps_cart_product have the same id_product. I can't add new products every time I want to do this 10+1 offers. The products bought and the "gifts" must be the same.

I need to find if there's a solution to this bug because I'm so near to find a solution to add 2 or more extra products to cart.

Someone that could help me?

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